The Coffee Book Tag | By a Non-Coffee Drinker

Howdy all!  The title is pretty much giving away what this blog post is about, but I’ll be attempting the Coffee Book Tag.  Thanks emmathereader for tagging me!

I may not drink coffee, but I love doing tags.

BLACK COFFEE – a series that’s tough to get into, but has hardcore fans.

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Starting off with a relatively tough pick for me.  I tend to skip series that I’m not at least 85% sure I’m going to love.  I picked the DoSaB trilogy because, while I loved the first book, I didn’t finish the trilogy for about a year and a half after reading the book in 2014.  Since I didn’t continue on right away (and I could have), I’ll say that it was a little tough for me to stay into.  However, so many readers love this trilogy from book one, that I’d definitely consider it having a hardcore fan base.

PEPPERMINT MOCHA a book that gets more popular over the festive period.


I unfortunately didn’t originally read this book during Christmas, but I wish I did.  It would have added another element to the story that I would have absolutely loved.  I’m definitely planning on reading it again this holiday season, and I’m looking forward to it.

HOT CHOCOLATE – your favorite children’s book.


This was the book that sparked my love for reading, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  Fun Fact:  I didn’t know this was a part of a series when I first read it (around 6 or 7).

DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO – a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Pretty much any Joe Ledger book keeps me on the edge of my seat.  They’re so action packed and honestly nail biting suspenseful, it’s hard to get any downtime between adrenaline rushes.

STARBUCKS – a book you see everywhere.


Filching Emma’s pick.  This series is everywhere.  Literally.

(I loved it).

HIPSTER COFFEE SHOP – give a book by an indie author a shout out.


OK, so I haven’t read this yet, but I own 3-4 of Nenia’s books and am planning to get to them this year.  Nenia seems really down to earth though, so even if I haven’t read them, I have a lot of respect for her.

DECAF – a book you expected more from.


I had heard so many good things about this book that I went into it expecting to love it just as much.  I didn’t love it.  At all.

THE PERFECT BLEND a book that was bitter and sweet and ultimately satisfying.

The Night Circus

The Night Circus is the type of book that I absolutely crave.  It has a perfect blend of everything I enjoy in books.  Magic, mystery, tension, whimsical elements.  Oh, it was just flawless.

GREEN TEA – a book which is quietly beautiful.


OK, plenty of people have talked about this book and really enjoyed it.  The story itself though is so beautiful and it has that serene feel to it, like it’ll trap you in its pages forever.

CHAI TEA – a book that makes you dream of faraway places.

The Absolute Sandman, Volume One

This series is about Morpheus aka Dream, one of the Endless.  The one that rules our dreams.  He could literally take me to any faraway place.  Real.  Imagined.  One not even thought up yet.

EARL GREY – your favorite classic.

Fahrenheit 451

The book that I’m currently re-reading.  Fahrenheit 451 is terrifyingly brilliant, and a book that I’ll always love and read and gain new insight after having read it again.

You’re it!




#T5W | Book Series You’d Want to See as TV Shows

Top 5 Wednesday

Created/Hosted by Lainey

I personally like TV more than movies, and I’d love to see most book series I’ve read turned into shows.  It would be awesome to see what TV could do with the specific stories, and if the series is finished, I’d love to see how the writers of the show could take the series further.

1.  Joe Ledger Series by Jonathan Maberry

This is one of my all time favorite book series, and I think it would work incredibly well as a TV show.  There are currently 7 novels in the series, and a bunch of short stories that Maberry has written for this universe.  Hell, Joe shows up in a couple of his other series’ universes too.

The TV show would be a more action packed Fringe-esque type show with a male protagonist and, scarier more realistic scientific thriller scenarios.  It would be pure freaking win.

2.  The Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman

It’s been optioned, but as far as I can tell, the project fell through.  It would be a fantastically epic TV show if done right.  There’s just so much to the worlds that Neil Gaiman created or borrowed, and the Endless and all the other characters are spectacularly developed.

I’d watch the shit out of the show if it existed.

3.  Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

Another comic, but I think it’s so easy for me to visualize them as movies or TV shows.  The world that BKV has created is so large, and there’s so much potential for side stories that haven’t been seen or currently even exist in the comic series.

And of course, seeing the current stroyline would be an absolute must.

4.  Everworld series by KA Applegate

I loved these books in junior high/high school, and when the Animorphs series came to TV, I had hoped this series would as well. There’s only 12 books, but with how the story ends, well their story really doesn’t end, and it could easily keep going for several seasons on TV after the show went through the books.

5.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Amazing freaking book, with such a developed whimsical world that I think would work extremely well as a TV miniseries.  I don’t think it would work as an ongoing show.  It could, but it would have to be done in a very particular way, or it would just end up getting tiresome.

The Night Circus  Entertain the End (Everworld, #12)  Saga Deluxe Edition, Volume 1  The Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1  Patient Zero (Joe Ledger, #1)