Howdy folks!

You’ve stopped by because I guess you want to know a little bit about this new blogger who’s page you see before you.

Well my name is Leah, and I’m 27 years young.  I read a lot, I write a bit, and I play video games a bit more each day.  For this year, I really want to actively pursue writing a bit more, exercising a lot more, and learning the ukulele.  Also cooking.  At 27 it’s time to learn how to feed myself.

I am the mother of four fur babies, and those boys are really all the children I need in my life currently.  If I get back into booktubing, I’m sure you’ll see them from time to time in my videos.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that I married the love of my life back in 2009, and we’re still going strong and still very happy.  It’s been a wonderful journey being with him every day, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to being by his side for the next 50+ years.


I’m sure I’ll change this up from time to time.  Every time I attempt an About Me, I end up hating it.  They always read awkwardly to me.


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