BEDA 7 | Tuesday Talks | Favorite Authors

I watch these awesome discussions on YouTube on occasion, but I’ve never thought to participate since I’m honestly preferring this platform over vlogging.  However, I loved this topic discussion, and I thought it would be a quick, fun blog to post, especially for BEDA.

My favorite author currently is Jonathan Maberry.  I love his fast-paced writing style and the fact that his characters are flawed and real, even when the situations are crazy and far-fetched.  My favorite series by him is the Joe Ledger series, followed very closely by the Pine Deep trilogy.  The newest Ledger is actually out today, and I cannot wait to read it!

Predator One (Joe Ledger, #7)


The wonderful Mr. Neil Gaiman.  I’m very new to his writing, having only discovered him after he married my favorite musician, but I’m absolutely falling in love with his work.  I still have a lot of reading to go, but so far, my favorite book by him has been Stardust.  I thought it was a wonderful fairytale story for adults, and I’m beginning to understand what people mean when they say that you know when you’re reading a Gaiman.  His writing is so distinct, and I feel like he writes so well in whatever genre, and the stories are always worth the time to read.

RA Salvatore – the first epic fantasy I had ever read was created by him – the Legend of Drizzt.  I haven’t read all of the books, but when I discovered Salvatore back in high school, not only did I devour every book I could find about Drizzt, but he was the reason I started reading fantasy in the first place.

I really could go on.  Because I love a lot of authors and, because, I love a lot of books, but this needs to have an ending.  I feel like this is a good list.  I have an author whose work I’ve consistently loved, an author whose work is a relatively new love of mine, and an old favorite.  It’s perfect!

(Honorable mention:  Mr. Jhonen Vasquez: I also discovered his work in high school, while shopping in Hot Topic.  Not only was JTHM my first venturing into comics, but the fact that Invader Zim is coming back in comic form makes me one happy hooman!)


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