BEDishA 4-6 | Currently Reading | Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances


This weekend was beautiful!  Instead of reading, I did a lot of outdoorsy goodness instead, and I don’t regret any of it.  And because I really didn’t do any reading, I didn’t feel it was necessary to blog.

This week is going to be stormy and gray and blah, so there’ll be plenty of time to get all the reading done!  Or at least, finally read more than 30 pages.

I’m currently still reading Trigger Warning and really enjoying it so far.  I’ve read the first 7 stories, and the only one that I didn’t care for was Orange.  The formatting of that story is different, and it kept me from becoming engrossed in the story.  But I think in my Review-As-I-Go document, I still gave it 2.5 Stars, so I didn’t hate it.

Other than that one story, I’m just fangirling over Mr. Gaiman’s writing in this collection.  From the Introduction to the stories I’ve read, it’s all just been wonderful.

I’m definitely looking forward to finishing Trigger Warning soon (by Friday at the latest or tonight at the earliest, if I’m feeling ambitious).

Hopefully the storms come rolling in tonight, because I absolutely LOVE reading when the weather starts up.  Even without the pitter-patter of some Spring showers, I’m still going to get comfy and dive back into this collection!


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