BEDA Day 3 | Friday and Weekend Reading | #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Week 1 Update


BEDA Day 3 is here, and so am I with another blog post.  Go me!  Since starting BEDA, I made my Sign-up post for the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge, and I was able to pick up my books for part of the month of April…and that’s about it.

I have yet to read at all, but I’m hoping to rectify this travesty this weekend.  I’m planning on starting The Absolute Sandman Volume 1 and finishing Trigger Warning, both by the wonderfully talented Mr. Neil Gaiman.  Sandman is an incredibly long graphic novel/comic book, and I know I won’t be finishing it this weekend which is perfectly OK.  If I finish Trigger Warning by tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll start another book on my list.  Maybe.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend, and I know I’ll want to do a hike/walk and just be outside this weekend.  So, if I finish reading something this, it’ll be a successful reading weekend to me, and I can always start anew on Monday.

Well, there are the plans for the weekend.

And this is the end of another blog post, successfully typed up during BEDA.

And this is also me


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