A Week in Reading | January 19 – 23

The Complete Maus: A Survivor's Tale  Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection (Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Illustrated Through the Looking Glass, plus Alice's Adventures Under Ground and The Hunting of the Snark)

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One of my reading resolutions of 2015 is to read more classics, and for the month of January, I decided to re-read Alice in Wonderland and for the first time, read Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  I’m pretty excited about revisiting this magnificent world.  This copy is one of 2 that I have through my Kindle app, and I love that ^ cover ^.

I’m also making my way through Art Speigelman’s The Complete Maus, and it’s been an extremely interesting read so far.  I’m finding both stories and narratives extremely insightful, and by choosing to make this biographical novel a graphic novel, I think that Mr. Spiegelman has taken this story to a whole new level.

The only book that I completed this week was The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson, and guys, I can’t even.  I hate that saying, but for this, it’s true.  I’m completely new to Brandon Sanderson’s work, but after devouring this trilogy, I’m going to move onto all of his other work.  My new mini resolution goal of 2015 is to read all of his books.  All of them.  Probably before summer, especially at the rate that I read and consumed the Mistborn Trilogy.

And now, onto my GIF-centric thoughts!

While I read both of the first two books of this trilogy incredibly quickly, by the time I got to #3, I was reading:

I just wasn’t ready to finish the series.

At every single plot twist of the book:

Brandon Sanderson did so many things unexpectedly in this book.  Good job at keeping your fans on their feet.

Mostly while I was reading, I was a complete ball of:

However there were also times that I:

I particularly loved those times, to be honest.

But then the end guys, I was:

I was a complete mess, and it wasn’t only because the trilogy was done.  Brandon Sanderson threw so many curve balls and tossed most cliches out the window, that I was shocked by the ending.

Though I haven’t written my review yet for this book, I did give it 5 stars on Goodreads, and I highly recommend the trilogy.  It was top-notch fantasy, and the adventures within this trilogy are completely worth reading.  Go check it out!

The entire series has just been:



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